forex flex ea v4.5.ex4

above this value. The max amount of sell orders that can be opened on the each respective currency pair. M, original Price : 999.99, you will get: Expert : Forex-Flex-EA-4.74.ex4 (Latest Version unlocked build 1170. The use of this web site and or it's contents constitutes acceptance of our disclaimer. Backtesting Please note that because of the way the virtual trading technology works within Flex EA, backtesting will not provide accurate results. If the DD_StopLossPct happens, then that chart will not be allowed to trade again for the number of hours entered below. If you start using some of the indicator filters, you should stick to H4. This is the number of bars on the current timeframe that are looked at to determine the support and resistance levels.

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This setting only controls lot sizes, not the frequency of trading. Depends on account size. Be careful running m Currency Pair Filters: At the very bottom of the settings list, you will see a list of the 8 major currencies and a 2 or 1 set for them. You need to do this for at least one active chart to activate the rest. By default most strategies have this set to 3, so if a 4th chart is trying to open a trade it will be rejected, and it's virtual data will be reset. The prices are cheap, and the servers aren't overcrowded lag boxes like a lot of other places I've tried. PauseBasketAtADR : will not allow additional trades in a basket to open if ADR goes over MaxADR. If you want to do a quick test to make sure it's capable of opening up a trade try doing the following: Try adding it to a fresh chart (something with a low spread) and set risk.01 and VirtualTrades to zero. This is a very safe strategy to use, however expect to have trades left open for days, maybe even weeks in rare cases. We don't have a free demo trial sorry. TrendTrailTrigger : This is only used when trailing mode is turned on with trendMode.

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