bitcoin candlestick graph

including GUI applications. I'm using the.netCharting library for this and it's pretty good. Allow the user to execute trades automatically. By continuing to use this site we'll assume you are happy to receive them. If any one single operation is taking a while to occur, the entire application will halt while that operation is in process.

Click this banner to accept. Are you just looking for the basics of Tkinter? It supports all sorts of charts - candle included. Many people are under the impression that Python and Tkinter are just plain not suitable for making applications, and I think they are wrong. Python naturally is single-threaded, and very linear. This is a shame, since you can very easily thread Python, and do many other things. One thing to watch out for is that with the current version (5.3) you have to reverse the high and low price - a pretty ugly and obvious bug. Check out the miniseries within the. What we're going to be making here is a trading application for Bitcoin.