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to your eToro account- Click on the Deposit Funds button- Submit the amount you wish to deposit and select your currency- Select your deposit method in this case, PayPal- Youll then be redirected to the PayPal website- Log in to your PayPal account- . Makes it easy to use PayPal to receive bitcoin quickly or even instantly. The company offers a platform to buyers and sellers to meet and trade. Meaning that in the US, you can buy bitcoins on quite a few exchanges with paypal. Buy bitcoins with PayPal via Paxful Similar to LocalBitcoins is Paxful. All you need to do is: Open an account with Paxful.

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As you can see in the example above, you must send the seller your Paypal email address, they will invoice you and you can pay the invoice via Paypal. Should I Buy Bitcoin? When cryptocurrencies first came about, Paypal was very much involved in the purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The process if very simple. Traders then can also buy Bitcoin from any trusted cryptocurrency exchange brokers such as eToro or Capital below, and sell through PayPal in the same way. . The only way you can use PayPal is to swap your Bitcoin for a fiat currency and transfer this back to your PayPal account. Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal Before you begin, you must create a crypto wallet that will store your bitcoins once you have purchased them.

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